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What is it?

Indies Workshop is a coworking office designed specifically for members of Seattle's thriving game industry. Located in the heart of Capitol Hill, we have worked hard to create an environment that fosters collaboration and creativity.

What We Offer

We work in games, and we know the industry well. Indies Workshop’s goal is to make creating easier for everyone. A welcoming atmosphere with a focus on collaboration, creativity and community.


Working alongside other members of the game industry means that instead of searching online for answers, you have experienced peers to turn to for advice.


There are significant benefits to a coworking office where everyone is focused on the same industry. Get support from your coworkers and friends. Enjoy all the perks of a larger team without having to manage one.


We have a suite of electronics equipment including game consoles, VR development kits, Android TV boxes, gamepads, and more. Plus, a bespoke suite of permanently tangled cables for when you need a break from thinking!


  • Daily

  • $50 USD
    Per Day
  • Communal Desk
  • No Monthly Commitment
  • Available 10am-5pm, Mon-Fri
  • Choose Plan
  • Full-time

  • $450 USD
    Per Month
  • Dedicated desk
  • Conference Room
  • Members-only office Slack channel
  • 24/7 Access
  • Choose Plan
  • Part-time

  • $300 USD
    Per Month
  • Shared desk with one other part-time member
  • Conference Room
  • Members-only office Slack channel
  • 24/7 Access
  • Choose Plan
  • Supporter

  • $150 USD
    Per Month
  • Support the Indies Workshop community
  • Members-only office Slack channel
  • One free daily desk pass each month
  • Secret perks!
  • Choose Plan


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